Emergency AID: Iron Swords

Emergency AID: Iron Swords

The War of Iron Swords began on Saturday, October 7, 2023, during Simchat Torah celebrations.

The first line of defense at the outbreak of the war were the policemen’s and fought bravely against thousands of despicable, bloodthirsty terrorists.

Most of them left their houses while leaving their families in the shelters. fronting the enemy without suitable equipment for combat, without protective vests, without suitable weapons, sometimes without weapons at all, with bravery, determination and striving for contact.

58 policemen fell in the heavy war.

Our beloved heroes, engraved in our hearts forever.

IPA Israel is committed to helping the families of the fallen policemen and calls on you to raise a donation for them.

All donations will be given fully to the policemen’s families.

Bank account details for donation:

Section Name: IPA ISRAEL    


Account holder’s address:  37  Sheerit israel  st. Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Bank name: Bank hapoalim

Bank address: 16 shderot Jerusalem st. Tel -Aviv (Branch 611)

Account number: 510512

IBAN: IL230126110000000510512

BIC: Poalilit