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IPA Israel president

We set out on a new path after the elections in IPA Israel, that ended at the beginning of the year.
The intention is to provide more services, to be more efficient, to reach every member, every branch of the 120 that we have in Israel.
One of the emphases I put in front of me when I was elected as president of the section, is to lead the organization to professionalism, friendly service, innovation, and efficiency.
I am happy to launch the new website of IPA Israel that was built for you, the members in Israel and all over the World.  The website is clear, easy to navigate and technologically advanced.

The vision I set for us: “IPA as an organization that every police officer, prison guard, retiree and volunteer would want to be a member of.”

IPA Israel is one of the largest and most active in the world.
We also lead the world in the fields of professionalism and recruitment of new members. What does this mean to an IPA member, or a police officer checking whether he should join the organization?

How does it happen that a small country with a small police force has one of the largest sections in the world?

We are also the only section in the world where each of the 25,000 members has the opportunity to participate in the elections for all the organization’s positions.

Despite the great momentum, it is important to remember that the IPA is first and foremost an organization of friendships between police officers in the world and grants an international membership certificate that most police officers in the world know and respect.
This membership is reflected in mutual aid, help in emergencies, information requests, local assistance, hosting and much more.
Thousands of Israeli IPA members, who have received aid from friends around the world can testify to the value of the membership card.

IPA Israel is a large association, and the main activity is led by the chairmen of the branches, serving and retirees together with members of the IPA national board and the management team.
On the IPA website you can find and be updated on benefits, services, projects, foreign and domestic tourism, hospitality, culture, sports and many other topics that we encourage our members to participate in throughout Israel and the world.
It is important to emphasize that to become a partner you have to show interest, enter the website, follow the publications and the information that we will make sure to publish on a regular basis.

I invite you to join us and wish you all an interesting, wise, and useful browsing.

Adv. Gal Sharon

IPA Israel president

About IPA Israel

IPA Israel was established in 1963. The affiliation was in Oslo 15.5 at the 6 th IEC, the sponsor section was U.K. The section was one of the first outside section of Europe. The Israeli section has 25,000 IPA members and is considered to be one of the most active in the world.

We have 120 branches, every chairman of a branch is part of our national assembly. We are a small country, with small police force, with a large and prominent IPA section.  IPA Israel operates according to the international principles of the
association and, above all, to create and maintain a friendly relationship of service among all the police officers who are members of the international association.
The International Police association in Israel operates democratically,
with all office holders in the organization being democratically elected by all members of the association.

All office holders in the branches and the national board, are volunteers. Within the website you will find details of the organization’s services and activities at the international and local level.